Wrocław Daydreaming

What do you do when you feel like home in a city that you’ve just met? 🙂 It’s like love at first site, or sight, or breath, or view…. I just spend 2 amazing days in the city after the wedding of the year – my best friend just got married. And that to a…

Magic stick

I wish I would have a magic stick that could make all what I hace eaten dissapear into nowhere. Like just now I have eaten pizza. Hello? ??? What was I thinking. The magic stick exists. It’s called sport and willpower. Have to train and become a good wizzard.  

Childhood- Cartoons

Was just browsing through the web to find some cartoons. Eventually I did find some I were looking for but the question arouse whether I remember what used to be my favorite one? and I don’t. It made me sad for a moment. But then I remembered. Life is about future and not past –…

send a girl to school – opportunity international

Today I came across the site of a project which  inspired me and made me believe in the better in people. To improve access to education, Opportunity’s Banking on Education initiative provides loans to entrepreneurs to start schools, improve infrastructure and expand educational opportunities for children living in poverty. In Colombia, Opportunity created a job…


I’m very much looking forward to this weekend.  We will have a nice evening with my girls tomorrow and today I am going to have a long fitness evening – time to take myself in han ds… And can forget the whole world that surrounds me. Amen

still waters runs deep

still waters runs deep they say. But in my personal view and nowadays my personal problem is that I just lost my voice and I have to regain it, I have to stand up and say. I have to defend myself and to defend my standpoint of view. I am so enormously ANGRY at myself….

Once apon a broken mind

Oh boy,… long time no posts from me. Its somehow impossibly hard to come back to reality after a great and long holiday. So now I am somehow facing a post vacation mental crisis. Even if you are being on your own in a new country – it is still ok, you know nobody actually…