Berlin calling

Tomorrow I am travelling to Berlin, my second home for about 2 years…. I love the city and hate it. This is how Berlin ticks, this is how I tick when I am in Berlin …   Advertisements

on spontanity

daily life can be a bore at times. it’s the routine that makes life seem gray and pointless and occasional adventure that provide the feeling of sunlight and a rush of adrenaline. 6 days – i have to decide if i will pack my suitcase and go to berlin to work the field as a…

Athene. Architechture&design

      Walking arround in Athens. ….Just had more or less 1 day of time. But it was beautiful = both at day and during the night  

Summergirls, Travelling & Fun

Travelling makes me happy, it makes me think about life in a whole new way. It’s a time of relaxation and happiness. I would like to share a couple of shots with you.

Crimea Hiking road trip 2013

When the wind blows your way and you feel the urge to experience adventure… and you have the right company which is on the same with you. can there be anything better? Yes, weather conditions might change, get extreme ect. yet – you will still hold on to your schedule and scheme and follow the…