Athene. Architechture&design

      Walking arround in Athens. ….Just had more or less 1 day of time. But it was beautiful = both at day and during the night   Advertisements

Summergirls, Travelling & Fun

Travelling makes me happy, it makes me think about life in a whole new way. It’s a time of relaxation and happiness. I would like to share a couple of shots with you.

preparing for the half marathon

I’ve run 16k today. so proud of myself! But I recorded all my snacking, eating habits and everything and though I’ve been working out a lot – I have been eating unhealthy. And WAY too much! (((( I have to work on this! No pain no gain! via PressSync

Foodporn&co maniac photo project

Hi guys,I hope these days are treating you well. I decided to add one more thing to my dieting and workout plan. I will photograph everything I eat in a day. Everything. Meals, snacks fruits ect. And I will make a public post once in a week to tell you about my progress. I believe…


Got invited to a wedding,  finally – looking forward to it

Last day of July. Photoreport on June/July

Well, so far my summer has been great. I have barely stayed  home during the weekends. Have seen the sun, lakes, been to the mountains, went to Krakow and Berlin (finally took my time and visited the Pergamon museum); watched a football game during UEFA 2012 in Lviv, Ukraine between Germany and Denmark,  etc. Here…