Funny me

Just tried out a new app that makes great comics & illustrations based on your photo. I love how they look though my husband says I look like a different person since I cant  adjust the face properly 😉 Advertisements

Oh Sun-o-day

Today is great day. Today is wonderful. It’s spring again and sun is shining through my window and I am happy and thankful to be able to enjoy today with no need to rush anywhere <3. I woke up at 7:30 on a Sunday ( which is happening uhm – never? ) and went to…

Winter almost over

Hello there, it’s been a while. I got married last fall & am happy to call myself a wife. This is still something I am getting used to but 🙂 … I have time to do so. Soon after I got married I found a new job at a new company where I am being…

Quitting smoking with nicotine patches

I’ve been a chain smoker since 13.05.2009, and before that – occasional smoker. I’ve always thought that it is somehow fascinating and sexy. And it has some cool touch. But at the same time I’ve always realized smoking is very unhealthy and destructive. I’ve tried several things to quit. First it was just willpower, several…


Don’t know how bout you but sports equals happiness for me. I am recently adopting a new schedule where I wake up at 05:30 in the morning, go jogging, do some extra exercise and start working afterwards. I feel so empowered, have a clearer head and all together feel much happier then usually. It’s like…

roller coaster life

Can’t really express how deeply this hit me just now. all of my troubles, problems, all of my pain, feeling and all that stuff. it is ment to be. It is a part of life. its just essential for the growth and it si given exactly when we can take it, destiny exist.


❝      Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness oh boy… It seems I am moving forward, finally.  Mentally…. I am concentrated and figuring issues which got stock in the line out. Like with my wedding. There are quite some things which have…

Athene. Architechture&design

      Walking arround in Athens. ….Just had more or less 1 day of time. But it was beautiful = both at day and during the night  

Summergirls, Travelling & Fun

Travelling makes me happy, it makes me think about life in a whole new way. It’s a time of relaxation and happiness. I would like to share a couple of shots with you.