Athene. Architechture&design

      Walking arround in Athens. ….Just had more or less 1 day of time. But it was beautiful = both at day and during the night  

Summergirls, Travelling & Fun

Travelling makes me happy, it makes me think about life in a whole new way. It’s a time of relaxation and happiness. I would like to share a couple of shots with you.

Affordable art

Affordable art    <<<< LINK guys, if you’re looking for some art to hang in your house – here’s a link to an article where they enlist sites, that deal with this issue 🙂

Romy Schneider – ein interesantes Doku

Romy Schneider ist eine auserordentliche Frau und natürlicherweise Persönlichkeit. War höchst interesant diese Doku anzuschauen. Hab mir gedacht, dass ich sie mit euch mal Teile.


Got inspired by a couple a few weeks ago. They were floating in the water, it was unbearably hot, but  it seems they didn’t really care about it.

Spontaneous painting of a wall at a friends garden.

(The picture captures me drawing another picture at the wall oposite to the one we’ve painted) I like to do spontaneous stuff. Like deciding to go to the mountains and actually go there next morning, or if it concerns this event – painting the lonesome walls of a garden at a friends flat. She just…