THYROID Body Type:101

Apparently after reviewing the 4 Body Types available I found out I have the THYROID Body Type


The Thyroid shape– tends to see their weight gain all over their body and not just in one place. Many thyroid body types are triggered by the hormone estrogen, and since estrogen slows over time the weight begins to creep up on you due to that lack in hormone. Thyroid hormones help speed up the body’s metabolism for fat burning and energy production so when you’re performing at your peak you tend to be able to pretty much eat whatever you like.

When you begin to notice the slowing of your estrogen, some of those warning signs are hair loss, saggy skin under the arms, ridged nails, and loss of eyebrow hair.

Because of this low metabolism – the body demands quick energy – which sets up carbohydrate and sugar cravings. Your tend to have a fondness for breads which provide a quick pick me up.You also tend to get cold a lot and have low body temperature, can suffer from insomnia, dry skin, and can easily become diagnosed with high cholesterol.

Foods to avoid are sugar, white flour, bread, pasta and rice. Caffeine is not advised and neither is red meat. However you can eat more fish, chicken, eggs and vegetables.

Your body type will benefit most from aerobic exercise and water resistance training.

Thyroid Body Type takes the longest time for a transformation – expect to see a transformation by the fourth (4th) month. You will attain perfect results in 10 months, and the results will become permanent in 12 months. – So I need about a year to see and others to see what I can look like (as expected and already noticed though my history).

You can read more about other body types here Ideal weight 4 body types and here beating the odds of your body type  and here Timeline for weightloss 4 body types






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