Winter almost over

Hello there,

it’s been a while. I got married last fall & am happy to call myself a wife. This is still something I am getting used to but 🙂 … I have time to do so.

Soon after I got married I found a new job at a new company where I am being appreciated and feel at home. Like I was always meant to come there and be part of the team. Which sounds amazing to me. And I could not be more thankful to the opportunities this job provides. First of all – travelling. Part of my job is to present our company at exhibitions and different events – so I get a free pass to go anywhere we need to.

That’s about the good upsides to my job. The downsides is that I feel like I am an impostor and that I have to push myself a lot more in order to give and reach more.


Also – I got fat. Oh well… I gained some 10 kg after I quit smoking. But I did quit! And that’s thanks to the patches I bought!!! So they do have an effect and everyone who tells that they don’t work – makes excuses (or falls to the category of people who really cannot be healed with the patches). So anyways, what was I saying… Yeah! Lame excuses for gaining that 10 kg. I am back on track to get rid of those but its harder now then it was when I was younger(boy that sounds pathetic and like I’m a grandma – I am not, believe me. I am less then 30 years old). Anyways. I know I can do it. If I did it before. And if I have had the will power to quit smoking and to continue to work on myself to find a good job and grow professionally I can do this as well. I can and I will 😉

Have a great new week. Spring is coming …. 😀



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