Quitting smoking with nicotine patches

I’ve been a chain smoker since 13.05.2009, and before that – occasional smoker. I’ve always thought that it is somehow fascinating and sexy. And it has some cool touch. But at the same time I’ve always realized smoking is very unhealthy and destructive.

I’ve tried several things to quit. First it was just willpower, several times over the past 7 years – (did not work so much), read & listened to the book  Easyway to stop smoking by Allan Carr – unfortunately without any success. I’ve been exercising very much, running, tried several diets and other but that did not help me as well.

Not I decided to give nicotine patches a try. And guess what? I can see them working! I am still in the first week but I have been around my friends who smoke and did not have the desperate wish to have a cigarette!!! I am so so so happy. I hope it will finally work!:) Just wanted to share it with you guys. Hope you will support me!


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