Unhealthy eating tendency

So… I’ve been watching/recording myself closely this week. And I am just very disappointed about my food/snacking behavior. I definitely am overeating. Even though I work out it will not bring much if I will keep on eating like I do at the moment.  It’s a simple disaster. I workout and then I snack. Sweets, bread, processed stuff.

And I know I should not. And I know I have eaten enough already. Still, there’s a food monster inside me that craves for more… and more… and more… I look at all thouse slim and beautiful girls and yes I am a bit jealous of them).

But then, again – slow progress is better than no progress. And since I now know where my problem is I have to simply deal and fix it. And I will see the results soon enough. I think they will be more or less visible in May. I just have to hold on to the plan. And no snacking. Starting tomorrow morning. Everything according to plan! ) I am hopeful and I am a fighter. And I am working on myself.

Show must go on!

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