My naughty Friday

So, today is Friday, and yes, I have been naughty today. Naughty with my food choices and amounts.

First of all there were some complications with electricity at my home, where I usually work so I decided to go to the office we rent for our business, control our employee and work from there. I had a breakfast and went there. With only a grapefruit in my pocket. More, I forgot to take my wallet with me, so I could not buy anything to eat. Lol….

And there were cigarettes on the kitchen table… And in my head I hear the song: …been a bad bad girl… Then I headed to a short meeting with my boyfriend and our friends and headed back to do some further work. Did not excercise today; consumed 350 cal. over my budget and  smoked a lot! of cigarettes.

Here’s a quotation from the article, which concerns my behaviour:

The Biggest Diet Mistakes Women Make

  1. Not being consistent: Busy lives tend to mess up our carefully constructed healthy eating schedules, which doesn’t do a body good. “I see many clients who eat erratically in terms of the timing, composition, and quality of their meals. Some days they may graze all day and on others go long stretches without eating, and some days may include kale salad and lentils, while others include frozen dinners and processed snack foods,” says Cynthia Sass, a registered dietitian and author of S.A.S.S. Yourself Slim.
    Our tip: Before your busy life gets the better of you, block out time on the weekend to prepare lunches and shop for dinner so you won’t go the takeout route on the weekdays.
  2. ating emotionally: “Women let nutrition go before anything else,” says vegan nutritionist Melissa Costello, author of the Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook. “We have a lot on our plates — kids, works, husbands.” A hectic schedule can upend any healthy eating goals, leading you to eat emotionally, “which usually always tends to be something that is not so healthy for us, like sugar, candy, or processed foods,” warns Melissa.
    Our tip: If you find yourself reaching for what’s convenient or what you crave, make healthy snacks easily accessible — and more convenient than the junk food option. This snack center you can keep in your fridge includes healthy options like string cheese, already-washed fruit and veggies, and proportioned nuts and pretzels to make choosing a lower-calorie, more-nutritious snack easy.

I have to run harder and train more tomorrow! And I hate and have to lear to control my consume of products. I am not a dog to be rewarded with food. Anyways, Rome was not built in a day. And I did not ear anything truly unhealthy; like white chocolate, or bread, or cola, or contributed stuff ect.

And besides, I measured myself last night. And I was very upset. It’s so girly – to start a program and assume you will be ready in a day or two. But still, I thought I would see at least some result on my body. But it is still now visible. I do feel different. That I do, of course. But generally – I do not see any change. Nevertheless I know I have a path to go, to see ,and oh boy, how I wish to, the results on my body. And, more importantly – be ready for the half marathon in my city, for which I already registered – so no way out of it anymore. Three month. I will check on the results in Mai. I bet there will be a difference:)

Now, after I have wrote down my sinns I can continue with some recomendations . I hope you don’t get an idea that I make it all up, I do my researches and then pick the best choices for you. Some food which is good before the workout, which I could find online:

1. Banana slices with peanut butter
2. Greek yogurt
3. Fruit smoothie (fruit of your choice, almond milk, granola)
4. Peanut butter on a whole wheat toast
5. Oatmeal and fruits
6. Veggies with humus
7. Eggs
8. Banana

Kisses, hope you had a nice read.

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