first report on March progress

some updates about my jogging in March& my sticking to the calender:

so far it is the forth of March;) i already completed 3 runs and 1 workout with nike training; am writing down everything I consume in noom for my IPhone. such a lovely app, i love how it shows you, when u write down how much you worked out what you achieved 😉 i also use mynetdiary- its sometimes better and gives you a good overview of the day.




Besides, I just downloaded J.K.Rowling The Casual Vacancy. I heard different oppinions about it, but generally – I want to make my own oppinion). Though. If it is going to be depressing and very very dark I will quit it.

tumblr_mp1jo1GSxW1r14fi2o2_r1_500and my next one is going to be Wild: from lost to found on the pacific crest trail by Cheryl Strayed. Must be a good read!




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