It’s A Man’s World

I have figured out I am working like a man. Like many mad men who wants to earn it all, preferably at once.

The problem is – I am not a man. I am a woman. And I am happy that I am. So the question arises. Why do I always push and try to make a man out of myself?

I am from a country where even the most simple things like buying a normal bed!!! requires having a high income. And the normal income is quite low (just about to survive). So in order to get something you have to either a) steal b) give up on the idea c) marry a rich guy d) work for it yourself. work a lot.

As a person with vision, ideas, ect. I always wish for the best. And I want to live the way I always imagined. So… there you go.

I am constantly working and working and working to be able to give myself that NORMAL standard of life. Is it not ridicule? I have no time to really take care of my health. To enjoy life and see places anymore. I have no time to see friends ect. And that is such a shame!!!

I decided I have to take better care of myself. What does that mean exactly?

Well. Find a way to work less and earn more. How? I freelance over the internet. I quite my daily job (earning about 300 usd for a month. that’s a joke, right?) and focusing on the freelance part and my startup. 3 jobs at once are NOT okay.

And, besides…, I have a boyfriend. And for the most of our relationship I am playing the ‘grown up’ part. Trying and worrying for where to get the money, how to develop a business, how to support us.

Whereas he should be taking more part into it. seriously. If you prepare everything for a guy and put it on a silver plate or even better – in his mouth then why do you blame him for not making the best out of him and not thinking and working on your wealth-being. I, for once, have to remind myself about it. And stop being a man. Because I am a woman. And it’s good that way.


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