Update after a long silence

Hello guys,

I am sorry I have been keeping it all to myself for a while. The truth is – I have been busy building myself and my life.

Diet progress: I am not dieting anymore. I decided to change my lifestyle and eat healthy. Dieting is something you do for a while and then return back to the habit. But lifestyle is a hole story you can keep for the rest of your life.

I am a workaholic – so after going forth and back I am working on my own business project. And God help me, I want to succeed. There is far more to it then one could think or wish for.

Since last time I write I experienced a lot. And made my own conclusions.

For example:

1. Most people are NOT responsible. And you shall not. Absolutely not hope for someone to do work as you wish them to do. If you want to have it done and done the way you would like it to be done – better do it on your own. Even your partners might let you down from time to time.

2. People are generally scared to step out of their comfort zone, to take risks and actually make something. Even the first step. The longer you wait, the harder it gets. That’s a rule. Correct me if I am wrong. But I sincerelly doubt it.

3. People buy unnecessarily much.

4. I work unnecesarry much and take work on which I should not. Because I always feel like. Warning, you never know when will be the next chance to get some money, some job… anything.

5. I need to work on my selfesteem. Seriously. I need to do that.

6. I need to work on my relationship with my second half. And be more feminine. I don’t want to be a man. I am a women. And, actually. I am happy to be one. Aren’t you?

7. Sport – I need to work on my shedule. Less work, more sport!

8. I need to quit smoking.

9. Do not expect much from others. Work on yourself. Try to make best of yourself and try to take everyone as they are.



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