Dieting diary


6 Month after first attempt: truth be told – I did loose weight as I intended to in feb. and later in spring. The only problem was – it all came back soon after I started eating other type of foods. Why? That easy folks: if you do not get the right amount of nutritions etc your body will not have fuel…. if you just eat one type of food on regularly basis and resist other products that is not going to be of any good to your body and mind. I learn it the hard way.

Anyway. There is no such thing as “healthy diet” since diet is a temporary solution. There is just a healthy way to live!!!! & eat and now I have decided that I shall follow it because simply I feel better with it!.

Jogging 3 times a week, biking 4 times a week. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. So far I see some results – they are not as big as with my diet but I am more sure that this is a far better way to do it.


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