Day of laziness// Diet update

I find myself extremely lazy today. Though I have managed to almost finish up my to-do list I have nevertheless waived(rather avoided) on doing some rather unpleasant work.

Shall I blame it on the disgusting winterly-like weather? Or is it just me who is constantly trying to make my life as easy as it can ever be?;-) Or is it because I am still following my diet-plan? … Might be both. I just feel exhausted, sleepy and considering the fact that I was running for about 1,5 h. yesterday I feel rather weakened.

However the case, – I have to finish up my work today. At least what I have planned to… I simply have no choice. But then again as I mismanaged my time I will have to finish it up in the evening. Shame on me. But there is absolutely no one else to blame for this.

Diet progress record: I weighted in today – 62,7 kg (woho). This are great news. Starting in February with almost 70 kg I have already lost 7,3 kg. I am proud of myself on this point. But there are much more of the nasty kg’s to get rid of.

I want to be fit for life. I want to feel comfortable in my body, find and keep the balance with my soul and get better and able to help other people to reach their goals and make their beautiful exclusive dream events come true. And also do other stuff… I have so many plans that I just need to learn to manage my time right. One more thing on the to do list… 🙂

Improve… Improve with each breath you take, with each moment and day. We have not that much time in our life’s to save the important things like self-development for tomorrows… Do not dream of becoming someone. Become her/him by making a shedule/plan and working your ass to get where you need to be. It might sound terrifying, crazy, unreal but believe – we all have the power to change and develop. Just believe in yourself. 



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