No simple receipt for…

diet spoonFirst of all –  the diet I am currently on is working. Means I have restrained from eating after 18 pm. have been following all the prescriptions, rules, have been writing down the exact list of what I have been eating etc. At this point I have already lost +- 6  kg and keeping on working. It is hard sometimes but I will be happy when I will see the full fruits of my project.


Currently I am teaching a group of 15 people the basics in German. I was very afraid to say the least, to actually teach, insecure whether I would succeed and not knowing where to start at.

So first of all – I have managed to get over my pride *(i tend to be the miss know it all – bad habit I have from the very childhood) and ask for advice. After doing it I have been able to prepare an excellent  interactive and exciting lesson and my students were mostly happy to take part in it and learn.

Basically what I wanted to say and share with you today is that there is no simple receipt for anything we do, yet – we have to get ourself together, if we do not know where to start and what to do – ask those who do, hire them, cooperate with them, learn from them and thank them.

I have actually learned something today. Bravo girl. I hope it will help you in a way or two as well.


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