Diet time

What do we need to reach our goals? Independent from the fact if those are professional or personal? I think that these are basically the most important points:

  • courage
  • discipline
  • self-improvement  instinct
  • target
  • persistence
  • imagination
  • curiosity
  • ability to understand ourselves and learn from others


To manage and actually reach anything anywhere you have to accept who you are. And set a realistic goal independent from the standards which are set by the public, your friends, community, state, fashion etc. with deadlines, time frames etc. Basically you are turning to your own project. So after accepting my life, my personal development & relationship status and other issues and actually understanding my goals, values and perspectives I can start my diet.

It is a rather monotonous diet*(based on buckwheat and kefir (sort of yogurt)), nevertheless – it actually works. I already lost 3 kg during the first week.  And summertime doesn’t wait. There are only 3 month to get back in shape and harmony.

Here is a link to a great article to motivate you guys reach your goals:

summertime is waiting




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