Psychology of success

I’ve started with a book on Psychology of success.

Today, my exercise lies within finding my own definitions to following:

I think that success is:

  1. at work ______
  2. family, surrounding_______
  3.  hobby, relaxation _______
  4. health ______

For me success at work means: doing what I love; being evaluated and needed at work;  keeping it interesting and exciting; being able to manage everything; exceed the expectations of people; creative and prosperous.

Family/surrounding success: understanding, love, harmony, spending quality time with each other; enjoying; I want to have a family of my own, hopefully some-when in the nearest future, three kids, big house with a garden a lake, treas and fresh air…..

Hobby/relaxation : being able to find time and enthusiasm to do what I like, to relax from all bad thoughts and gather energy and perhaps even get some money from what I do for fun.

Health: to feel good, have energy, feel good mentally, having the strength to work with people.


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