strain and strength

The strain of life is what builds our strength. We face difficulties and we have to accept the challenge and get better, get stronger build ourselves up.

But sometimes we are just depressed and deprived of the confidence we need. But it is of no use to just continuously look at the dark side of life and think of how bad it is now. What you got to know and believe is that it’s going to turn to the best.

Everything eventually does. Just wait with expectancy. Hope, pray, believe, meditate or do anything that helps you to clear your thoughts and calm down and wait with expectancy. Because there is a reason it all is happening in this specific way. We ca not see the complete picture of our life and when we face a part of it which we dislike we just are too often blaming everyone and everything for something like that happen in a life like yours.

But keep on remembering – we only face situation we can handle.

Maybe we need to work on them –  think about options, choices, variants to make something work or maybe even re-decide (disclaim) on our choice. But it is all for the best.

Calm down and keep on going. Keep on hoping and doing your part for your success to happen.


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