Mmm, I know what I’ll prepare for the weekend

Sweet Pea's Kitchen

Corn tortillas are tightly rolled around a cheesy corn and black bean mixture and baked until crisp. They’re quick, delicious and so easy to make. And did you catch the best part? They’re baked, not fried! So not only are they healthier than the traditional fried version, but they still have that crispy crunch when you bite into them! The filling can even be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge so you can make dinner in a flash. They also freeze beautifully as well. Prepare them up to baking and the place in the freezer until firm, then wrap in plastic wrap. When you are ready to eat just place on a baking sheet and need to thaw! Talk about easy! 😉 Serve as an appetizer while watching the Olympic Games or whip up some Mexican rice and refried beans and you have a filling and satisfying meal!

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