Sense of life

So, what is it that you want from life that you actually desire and that you will to do and what are your goals and the sence of you life? Have you ever given the thought a go? Have you ever spend time discussing and thinking of it?

One of my girlfriends  told me a story about one of the most successful woman she met.

Up till she was 30 she has lived a usual life, working like everyone else, having a husband and kids and seeming normal. But, eventually she came to a point,celebrating her 30th birthday with her husband and two kids in a restaurant, where she realized she was not happy, coming back home she started crying and decided to make a  list of what she really wants from life – the “sense of my life list”. The first 2 pages were filled with thoughts that the society pushes upon us, the values that are a common sence and not what we/you/I actually desire… After couple hours she had finaly written down what SHE wants from life. When the list was done she knew she had to do something. And did: She divorced the man she was married to and started a new life, realizing the points from her list. She re-married a man who she is happy with and is one of the top-managers at a huge IT company known worldwide.

Happy story.

I will not attach my list – it’s getting pretty long. But  a short vision: A family which is a team – supporting and helping each other, kids and parents and grandchildren all happy – because everyone does what his heart and skills alow them to do. Couple of business projects connected with art and house design, medicine. Travelling the world, having a place what I can call mine and where I feel at home. A partner(husband) that feels comfortable with me and that I feel comfortable with, that is my best friend, support and loved one…..helping others and see them being happy both financially and mentally. Because if we can and we certainly almost always do, should help the others.

For each of us happiness means something different. Even if we are not having everything we want at the moment we should enjoy it.

With love, hope you will be more successful with what you do tomorrow! And enjoy the weekend.


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