Spontaneous painting of a wall at a friends garden.


(The picture captures me drawing another picture at the wall oposite to the one we’ve painted)

I like to do spontaneous stuff. Like deciding to go to the mountains and actually go there next morning, or if it concerns this event – painting the lonesome walls of a garden at a friends flat. She just called me up and asked what I am up to and as I know her liking to do great things I was guessing she is up to something. And she was indeed. So I gathered my paints and everything I had and came to her. Where she already awaited me with other friends and great music.

But… They were all sitting, not actually trying to do something. That was the time when I though. Wait a second! If you just dream about something; eventually already did a first step – by inviting people with paints and brushes we have to do it. Otherwise the idea/dream/plan will stay just a point on the to-do list which never came true. And that would be just an awful thing to do!

So I took a sheet of paper and draw a semy-plan of the wall – she loves the sea. So we decided to paint the sea, seagulls, lighthouse, ship, fishes, palm, beach. Each took a brush and of we went.

I wish you could see their faces when we were done. And I wish you could see the host’s face. Happiness. Because one more idea came true.

So, whatever it is that you want to do – do it. There is always that tiny laziness you have to fight, that insecurity about the success of the consept. Should it be just a painting, a meal, something in your relation that you would like to change or business.

Be stronger then yourself. Be wiser, get ahead of who you are at the moment.



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