Well, its day 4 and that is what I've eaten today. Not too much. But I am already lost in days :D and a bit tired. Well... Just decided not to eat after 18 - and this is pretty much all I get till this time :/ Somehow I feel underestimated lately. Like nobody really cares what and how I feel and as if I am not getting what I deserve in sence of a job responsibilities and development, in sence of payment and in sence of myself. But then again, everything comes back to me. Its me I have to work on and its me who is responsible for how secure or unsecure I feel about myself. If I feel desired, lost, happy, angry or anything else. Love and hate start at same point.

I had some health issues so was supposed not to excersise and was having a specific ‘diet’ to get my healthy digesting back on track. Well, as a result I gained some kg on my belly. But well – health is the most important thing one has. And so – I have to obey and do as I am being told.

But now I want to get back in shape and its almost my closed circle)

weight: 67,5 kg

hight: 165 cm

Consumed calories 501

So, today I’ve ate








This Monday  I decided to go wild and experience something utterly new – fly fitness/pilates/yoga which is a combination of stretching&excercise for arms and the upper body.

Oh my… To be honest with you – I have never ever ever felt that much of my arms :D it still hurts. And it’s already the second day after  and tomorrow I have to go to another class.

Good thing is – I am finally doing something I have never done before and training some parts of my body which are completely untrained. Besides – honestly after this exercise I have no desire to smoke. Or maybe that is due to the fact that I am still having a lil flu and I do not feel very top.


In any case this post was supposed to tell you about Fly – and my personal first experience with it. I love it. And I will go to the class tomorrow. No matter how much it does hurt or ect.


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