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guess what. I was browsing through the internet and came across this diet plan http://www.dukandiet.co.uk/weight-loss-coaching/the-dukan-online-coaching

Dukan Diet Phases

Most diets help you lose weight. But 95% of people who diet gain all the weight back… and more when they return to their old eating habits. 

The Dukan Diet will redesign your eating habits and help you permanently stabilise your weight.

The Dukan Diet is a high protein, low fat, low carb diet – a healthy eating plan based on proteins and vegetables, 100 foods in total. And what’s best, it’s “EAT AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE.”


The distinct Dukan Diet 4 Phases will help you Lose and Stabilize your Weight


The Dukan Diet does not guarantee extreme results in record time.  Instead it promises that if you follow the instructions you will be able to reach your True Weight, a realistic weight that you can attain & maintain for the rest of your life.

since I do love vegetables, healthy food and proteins I decided to give it a try) It does not sound like a diet to me. Does it to you?

And with his site you get the needed support and feedback on how you progress.


So, I would like to share my first results: the Attack Phase has passed and I have lost 3 kg. I feel tired but not hungry at all. The problem is, I like protein, but it makes me so full I can not eat to much and as a result I believe Ive eaten too little. Which is not too good.

Next one to follow is the Cruise phase: protein & veggies. Love it. I love vegetables! ( it lasts until you reach you target weight)

After that is a phase which is Called the Consolidation and ment to prevent the rebound effect. Which is seriosly needed! (

And then follows Stabilisation phase – which you shall follow for life).
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So… I’ve been watching/recording myself closely this week. And I am just very disappointed about my food/snacking behavior. I definitely am overeating. Even though I work out it will not bring much if I will keep on eating like I do at the moment.  It’s a simple disaster. I workout and then I snack. Sweets, bread, processed stuff.

And I know I should not. And I know I have eaten enough already. Still, there’s a food monster inside me that craves for more… and more… and more… I look at all thouse slim and beautiful girls and yes I am a bit jealous of them).

But then, again – slow progress is better than no progress. And since I now know where my problem is I have to simply deal and fix it. And I will see the results soon enough. I think they will be more or less visible in May. I just have to hold on to the plan. And no snacking. Starting tomorrow morning. Everything according to plan! ) I am hopeful and I am a fighter. And I am working on myself.

Show must go on!

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Since my very childhood I always wished to be independent; to do things on my own; for no one to try to steal my ‘show’ or,actually, do the work for me and maybe get the reward or etc.Though I might appear careless at times, I, as a matter of fact,  always try to prove something to someone. And myself. That is all nice or maybe not so much…

I have not been liquid for a couple of years. Well. Since 2007(that’s quite some…). I have been ashamed for my not having enough money; and yes, I was, I suppose not wishing for anyone to see it. Making myself strong and man-like; working 24/7- trying to find a way to make a living; wearing the same old stuff; not giving myself anything good / not appreciating myself.

And trying to be live any other average girl. But. Why should I? I am who I am. I am not what everyone supposes I should be

There are some things which are not worth being proved. Nobody really cares and besides they will either have prejudgment/and make up stories which are surreal. And – I should focus on what really makes me happy and satisfied and brings me peace and freedom.

Anyways. Why did I started this post? Ah, yes:. I want to look back in a year and two. Look at myself in the mirror and look arround. And see what I have accomplished. And see more than I see at the present moment – because I wish for a nice home with a garden, where I can gather my friends and family; where my children will run arround and grow and where I can get older. And I want to be financially stable.I did not realize it till recently, or maybe tried to avoid thinking about myself as a materialistic bitch. But I miss having money. Being able to buy stuff I really want. Dress fashionably; travel for a long time. See the world. And have actual time to relax. And not just work the ass out of myself.

I am tired. Tired of trying to be a man. Trying to solve everything and do not expect anything good from people. I want to enjoy life and live fully. Get married. Get children and not think about where I might get the bread and a roof over my head. And to fix socks because we have no money to buy new ones. I have now been independent since 2007. Making my own money, building my own way, getting experience: first successes and many many many fails ect. But I know that this is not the ultimative me. Not the utmost I can do…. Babysteps. But I am taking them. Because I believe that  there is a lot of good things ahead.



Hi guys,I hope these days are treating you well. I decided to add one more thing to my dieting and workout plan. I will photograph everything I eat in a day. Everything. Meals, snacks fruits ect. And I will make a public post once in a week to tell you about my progress.

I believe it will give me a better overview of what my habits are.

I’ve scheduled a 20 min. yoga good morning workout for 8 am and a 11,5 km run for 9 am tomorrow. Yeeey, all excited for the upcoming week

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